Board Certification Scheme of Professional Competency Certification Services is applicable to those pharmacists who undergo rigorous assessment and demonstrate competence in preparing and dispensing prescribed medications and pharmaceuticals for patient care, while adhering to professional standards and legal obligations. They meticulously review prescriptions provided by physicians or authorized prescribers to ensure accuracy and determine the necessary formulas and ingredients. Pharmacists may also conduct analyses to verify the identity, purity, and potency of medications. They supervise pharmacy staff engaged in compounding, packaging, and labeling pharmaceuticals. Moreover, pharmacists strictly adhere to established protocols for quality assurance, including the secure handling of controlled substances and the proper disposal of hazardous waste drugs.

Board certified Pharmacists are dedicated to delivering high-quality healthcare services. With their expertise and commitment, they play a vital role in improving patient outcomes and ensuring success.  This Board Certification ISO/IEC 17024 scheme establishes a globally recognized standard for their competence and expertise in the field

 Board of Pharmacy Examination

Board of Pharmacy Exam shall comprises of an online computer-based Test called CBT

CBT of 200 MCQs, A candidate may avail a pause of 30 minutes after attempting 100 MCQs with in allotted total time of 230 minutes.  Passing criteria set as 70% to qualify for Board certification.

Certification Period

Validity tenure of initial certification is ten-year, renewable for next ten years which require practice as prescribed in an approved Certification Scheme. Board certified Pharmacist will be required to complete minimum 200 Credit of CME / CPD as one hour CME is equal to one hour of face to face interaction, shall remain in Good Standing of national registration authority and follow PCCS Code of Conduct to maintain “Board Certified” status. These are general requirements for recertification in the same status.


1. Candidacy Criteria
2. Application Process
3. PCCS Certification Test

Candidacy Criteria

Applicants who completed following:

  1. An approved “Bachelor Degree” of  Pharmacy and have completed six month clinical internship.  Active License by National Pharmacy Council of Respective country.

Two years paid job Experience in respective domain after completing Internship.

2. Application Process

Complete Online application with fee transfer proof.

3. Board Certification Test

Candidate appears in person with a valid ID , Login and Password at assigned online testing center and complete the test.



I certify that the given examination material/ questions/ or any other related information will remain confidential. I understand and agree that, In case of sharing/ releasing information to a third party, my certification can be canceled and I may face legal action. Further, I will act in accordance with the details mentioned in the relevant certification scheme. If PCCS found any of my given information wrong or found any legal or industry conviction against me PCCS is authorized to cancel/ban the certificate, with or without informing the candidates and can demand to provide the justification, within the timeline. This submersion shall be considered my signed statement of the AGREEMENT.